Supplier of Choice

Enduring relati nships.
Fortifying our customer centricity.

Over the years, we have built a product portfolio that is recognised for its superior quality. This is also backed by our service commitment resulting in enhanced customer loyalty. The feedback mechanism built in the system provides insights pertaining to customer needs, share knowledge on industry best practices, and emerge as value-adding partners in their journey.

Strategic enablers

  • Create and sustain mutually rewarding relationship with customers through differentiated products and services
  • Ensure deeper customer engagement and enhanced customer experience leveraging digital and analytics solutions

Material topics

  • Market presence
  • Responsible supply chain
  • Material stewardship
  • Economic performance
  • Customer centricity
  • Ethical business practices

SDGs impacted

Capitals impacted

  • Financial
  • Social and relationship

Customer-centric culture at our core

At Tata Metaliks, we strive to be the ‘supplier of choice’ in chosen segments and delighting our customers with differentiated offerings while focusing on strengthening relationships with them. In our journey, we have not only directed our efforts towards deeper customer engagements but have also been continually improving customer experience. We listen, observe and interact with customers with differentiated approach based on customer groups, lifecycle and market segments (PI and DIP) to understand and capture their current and emerging needs. These inputs play a key role in translating the needs into unique offerings.

Our customer-centric culture is enabled through various customer facing processes where use of digital platforms is continuously increasing. Our ongoing digital transformation journey is focused on ensuring ‘ease of doing business’ for customers. During the year, we extended our end-to-end digital Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform to end-customers after its success with channel partners. The platform offers online order booking facility, besides providing real-time visibility of orders, payments, stocks, status of complaints, etc. Further, the availability of CRM on mobiles not only enhances flexibility and ease to customers, but also enables our agile response to their specific needs.

In FY 2021-22, ~ 98% of Pl orders were booked through CRM of which ~ 70%+ orders were logged by channel partners and customers themselves. Thus, through this implementation, all the marketing and sales related processes are brought on a single platform to manage its entire lead to cash cycle including after-sales while enabling ‘Business on Mobile’.

Implemented CRM to manage our entire lead to cash cycle including after sales

During the year, we carried out 46 technical service sessions with customers despite the 2nd and 3rd wave of COVID-19. We have been able to extend these services to our customers by leveraging digital platforms. We also launched the technical services for our international DIP customers and completed 6 international services during the year. For our foundry customers, we also supplemented our technical services by organising 20 technical knowledge sharing webinars covering > 325 customers across all foundry clusters in India while leveraging digital platform.

FY 2021-22 witnessed commodity prices peak to unprecedented levels causing a massive stretch in the working capital requirements across the value chain. To support customers address this, we continue to offer innovative financial support schemes to our key customers by leveraging our financial strength and our strong and longterm relationships with both our customers as well as financial institutions. 25% of total turnover were covered under such financial support schemes in FY 2021-22. Further, in our DI pipes business, which is governed by long-term contracts, we have continued to honour the contracts despite the steep unprecedented increases in the raw material prices. This has further strengthened our credibility and reliability with our customers.

We have supported our Customers with unique engagement plans and service offerings, thereby, strengthening our relationships with them. We continued to maintain >75% of DI pipes sales to these ‘Key Customers’ in FY 2021-22.

We have thus created forums/mechanisms that go a long way in strengthening our relationships with customers. Our customers have duly acknowledged that such interventions have been beneficial to them, and this drives their continued trust in Tata Metaliks. As a result, our Customer Satisfaction Index continues its upward trajectory.

We close the feedback loop by administering our annual Customer Satisfaction Survey through a third party market research agency apart from the regular feedbacks we gather through our customer interactions. Through this survey, we gather deeper insights from our customers and use this to identify potential areas of improvements to enhance our product and service offerings. We believe that this in turn will result in enhanced customer satisfaction.

Going forward, we are increasing thrust on our export strategy to enhance our product footprint globally. Additionally, we are not only working on introducing new products and offerings, but also exploring monetisation of our technical services.

Customer satisfaction index in FY 2021-22





Way forward

We reinforce our commitment to innovate and strengthen our relationships with customers, by providing our proven superior quality of products and services. With constant focus on the strategic priority of ‘Innovate and Excel’, we are expanding our offerings and improving our engagement, which will further aid to consolidate Tata eFee and Tata Ductura as the preferred brands in their respective chosen segments.