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Advantages of Tata eFee®

Creating a sustainable environment through energy conservation is a commitment for Tata Metaliks, leading to the introduction of the world’s first branded pig iron – Tata eFee® which reduces energy consumption in foundries.

The design of this energy-efficient and environment-friendly pig iron was developed after extensive research and today, Tata eFee® has established a strong foothold in the pig iron industry because of its numerous advantages.

Know more about Tata eFee®

Tata E-fee - Energy-efficient and eco-friendly pig iron

Why Use Tata eFee®?

  • Economical and Environment-friendly
    Tata eFee® reduces consumption of coke and power during manufacturing process.

  • Melts faster and reduces carbon footprint
    Tata eFee® melts faster compared to other types of pig iron, which makes the operation energy-efficient and reduces carbon footprint.

  • Leads to optimum void distribution
    Tata eFee® helps in optimum void distribution in cupola furnace and packing density in induction furnace.