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Provides optimum void distribution in cupola and higher packing density in induction furnace

Brand Promise


  • Consumes lower coke rate in cupola and lower power in induction furnace
  • Highest surface area to mass ratio
  • Customised technical services for improvement of foundry operations
  • Provides optimum void distribution in cupola and higher packing density in induction furnace
  • Available in customized specifications
  • Melts faster

Advantages of Tata eFee


Creating a sustainable environment through energy conservation is a commitment for Tata Metaliks, leading to the introduction of the world's first branded pig iron - Tata eFee® which reduces energy consumption in foundries.

The design of this energy-efficient and environment-friendly pig iron was developed after extensive research and today, Tata eFee® has established a strong foothold in the pig iron industry because of its numerous advantages.

Applications of Pig Iron

Products and industries served

Automobile Castings

From engine to the brakes, automobiles depend on metal castings. Properties required for each casting are different depending on the functional requirement - from resistance to wear and tear to high strength, pressure tight etc.

Agriculture and Tractor Castings

Metal castings form an integral part of the agriculture industry. Agricultural equipment are to be casted in a way that these enhance productivity and reduce drudgery. These equipment should be able to withstand extreme weather conditions, be affordable to the farmers and also profitable for the manufacturers.

Power Generation Castings

Metal castings are a significant part of the power generation sector. The specially designed castings used in power generation equipment ensure continuous supply of electricity to keep our daily lives running smoothly.

Aluminium Smelters

Cast iron is typically used to connect the steel stubs of anode hangers to the carbon anodes in Hall-Héroult cells. The steel stubs are positioned into specially designed holes in the carbon anode - the stub holes - where molten cast iron can be cast. The solidified cast iron in the stub hole plays the role of a mechanical, thermal and electrical connection.

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