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Technical Services

In order to meet the various onsite commissioning challenges in pipe installation faced by customers Tata Metaliks DI Pipe Division has initiated the Technical Services Team to address such issues both academically and practically catering to the need and expectation of the customers. TST comprising of experienced professionals, technicians and engineers offer training and consultancy services in different areas of Pipe Laying & Commissioning Activities.

Pipe Carriage & Handling

  • Ductile Iron Pipe unloading procedure
  • Stacking procedure of Pipe at Site
  • Ductile Iron Pipe carriage from stack yard to work site
  • Storage of gasket at site.

Laying & Jointing Support

  • Trench Excavation & Pipe laying procedure
  • Cutting, Grinding & Chamfering of pipe at site
  • Cement Mortar Lining repairing at site.

Support related to Installation of accessories

  • Fittings & Valve installation
  • Providing advice for ferrule connection, water meter installation.
  • Hydro testing of pipe line at site.

Negotiating critical challenges

  • Overground Installation
  • Pipe laying at hilly terrane
  • Jointing with other pipe materials like MS/HDPE etc.
  • Laying of pipes in narrow trench,
  • Jack pushing (trenchless).
  • Pipe laying in river / road /railway crossing

Design & Consultancy Services

  • Preparation of Detailed Project Report
  • Network Design
  • Design of Pump House & Water Treatment Plant

TST also conducts class room session and webinars to address issues on academics and any critical challenges based on site condition as envisaged by customer.


For this technical support, our site team got to learn more about to use damage pipe in a proper cutting & etc.

Good support to my service provider & site supervisor

“Services are fast, more reliable; people who are coordinating with us are more trustworthy and reliable

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You can contact us:
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  • Ph.: 97111 69908
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