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Superior quality ductile iron pipes

Applications of Ductile Iron Pipe


Ductile iron pipes are the most preferred pipes worldwide for water supply and pressure sewerage applications. Ductile Iron Pipes provide substantial benefits in pressure bearing ability, impact resistance, and capacity to sustain external static/dynamic loading. Durability, energy savings while in service, recyclability, and expected lifespan of over 100 years make Ductile Iron Pipes an environmentally superior product over other piping materials.  Ductile iron is an excellent choice for an array of engineering applications due to its impact resistance, high yield strength, ductility, pressure tightness, wear resistance, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance, among other properties.

Ductile Iron Pipes are widely used for the following applications:

Potable water supply

The use of ductile iron pipe has ensured the quality of drinking water supply to consumers for decades. Tata Ductura offers cost efficient water pipes, which guarantees water supply with no leaks and ruptures in the long term. Ductile Iron Pipes are majorly used in the transportation of potable water from surface water sources like rivers, lakes, reservoirs, etc., to our households as rising mains, pumping mains, gravity mains, and distribution pipes.


Ductura's fittings, lining, and coating in the range work together to build a pipeline that provides high-speed flow, flexibility for curved routes, water tightness, and resistance to the corrosiveness of cultivated soil including fertilizer and other chemicals. Installation is straightforward and may be completed using normal site tools, eliminating the need for professionals. This dependable, leak-proof solution is ideal for irrigation operations.


Ductile Iron pipes have been a favored choice for sewer systems for decades. Due to its high durability and corrosion resistance properties, Ductile Iron pipes also make an excellent choice for various sewerage solutions. Ductile Iron Pipes allow a self-cleansing flow velocity so that no particles gather in the line, providing seamless flow.

Industrial Usage

Ductile Iron Pipes' good mechanical properties and high durability and strength make them ideal for industrial applications. Ductile Iron Pipes are used as water distribution pipes and for various other uses in several industries and power plants as raw water intake pipelines and other in-plant piping solutions.