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Advantages of Tata Ductura

High Tensile Strength

Ductile iron has very high tensile strength due to its spheroidal graphite micro-structure. Therefore, it can handle much higher pressure and stress compared to cast iron. Ductile Iron Pipes also ensure better beam strength, greater resistance to impact and traffic load.

Corrosion Resistant

Ductile iron has excellent anti-corrosive properties. The table below clearly shows that corrosion is much less in case of Ductile Iron Pipes as compared to other pipes.

Pipe Material Corroded Volume (gr/ cm2)
After 45 days After 90 days
Ductile Iron Pipe (DI) 0.006 0.009
Grey Cast Iron Pipe (CI) 0.006 0.0103
Seamless Steel Pipe (MS) 0.017 0.0273
Welded Steel Pipe (MS) 0.0294 0.0396

Flexible and Leak Resistant

Ductile Iron Pipes have flexible push-on joints which do not leak at high or low pressure, even when deflected. Thus, these pipes are flexible, easy and quick to join.

Durable Cement Mortar Lining

Ductile Iron Pipes are lined with cement mortar using large centrifugal force. The advantages of Cement Mortar Lining (CML) are the following –

  • Provides higher Hazen William’s ‘C’ value. CML for Ductile Iron Pipes has a C value of 140 compared to 100 for bare metallic pipes. Higher C value reduces pumping costs
  • Increases carrying capacity
  • Pipe wall becomes passive by the alkaline reaction of cement
  • Prevents pitting and tuberculation of metallic pipes and prevents production of red water
  • Smooth inner surface improves flow capability
  • Prevents abrasion of pipe wall and increases pipe life

Excellent Workability

Ductile Iron Pipes are extremely workable – flexible, easy and quick to install. Installation is less expensive and requires no special tool or high skilled workforce.