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Welcome to TATA Metaliks

Superior quality Ductile Iron Pipes for Potable water Distribution, Irrigation, Sewage Treatment and Industrial Usage

Brand Promise

7 Reasons for Lifelong Happiness

  • Strict Control of Metal Temperature for Casting
  • Quality of External Coating Uniform Zinc and Bitumen/Epoxy
  • Extra-long type socket design
  • Uniform thickness, roundness and straightness
  • Sound Chemical , Metallographic and dimensional properties
  • Internal grinding of cement mortar lining
  • Cutand chamfered spigot end for smooth entry

Advantages of Tata Ductura

Superior Quality Ductile Iron Pipes

  • High Tensile Strength
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Flexible and Leak Resistant
  • Durable Cement Mortar Lining
  • Excellent Workability

Tata Ductura


Potable water supply

Ductile Iron Pipes are majorly used in the transportation of potable water from surface water sources like rivers, lakes, reservoirs etc.


Ductile Iron Pipes are the preferred material of construction for piped irrigation networks due to its superior internal and external coatings


Due to its properties of high durability coupled with corrosion resistance, Ductile Iron pipes also make an excellent choice for various sewerage solutions

Industrial Usage

Ductile Iron Pipes have been used for transportation of water and for various other uses in several industries and power plants as raw water intake pipeline

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