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Welcome to TATA Metaliks

Waste Mangement

Tata Metaliks is on a mission to maximize resource value while minimizing – and even eliminating – environmental impact so that both our economy and our environment can thrive.

To reduce our waste footprint, we follow the policy of value extract from by-products, especially from solid wastes produced in the manufacturing chain of our operations through the process of 3R – Recover, Recycle and Reuse.

  • Wastes and by-products generated during our operations include coke fines, iron ore fines, sludge, granulated slag, dust, scrap, etc.
  • Granulated slag, which accounts for a majority of by-products, is sold to cement manufacturers. Coke fines are used in the sinter plant
  • Waste like flue dust from air pollution control devices and sludge from Gas Cleaning Plant (GCP) is used in the sinter plant for the sintering process
  • Hazardous waste is disposed of through an authorized waste agency. In addition, plastic waste is also disposed of through outsourced agencies, and e-wastes are disposed of
    through buy-back mode through certified agencies