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Corporate Social Responsibility

Green Supply Chain


Social, environmental, and sustainability - are critical for today's Innovative organizations, and TML believes the supply chain is one of the significant levers for impact.

Design environmentally friendly products, responsibly source materials, manufacture and transport products sustainably- the vision of Tata Metaliks' Green Supply Chain is to help reduce environmental impacts while saving costs and delivering the best quality products and service to our end users.

TML believes in creating a world that benefits both people and the environment. A future in which people are protected and thriving. Our Supply chains are critical avenues for scaling up and accelerating good outcomes that benefit society and communities.

Based on the size of our supply chain footprint, we see a possibility to scale up good effects at Tata Metaliks.

Strengthening our Supply Chain via Responsible Sourcing-

We strive to maintain ethical supply chain processes, decrease environmental impact, and support employees and AA communities. This is accomplished by:

Policies and Commitments

in connection with ethical procurement and supplier involvement

Partners and Systems

that complement our own and our stakeholders’ commitments to sustainability


internationally recognized certifications that are reputed.