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Involving our workforce

Environment Initiatives


Tata Metaliks has a sustainability vision of becoming a leader in its industry by providing tangible value to all its stakeholders while ensuring responsible environmental stewardship. Environmental issues besides the financial sustainability are being addressed with a definite roadmap.

employee volunterism

Key initiatives

  • Mentored Diploma Engineering trainees
  • Conducted plantation and cleanliness drives
  • Visited orphanages and homes for the destitute Conducted virtual training/in person learning
  • Sessions Conducted tribal food festival
  • Participated in COVID-19 relief initiatives
employee volunterism

7,246 Employee volunteering hours

Despite COVID-19 constraints, the Company's employees clocked 7,246 Employee Volunteering (EV) hours in community service. During the year under review, a sum of `540 lakhs was contributed to the Sadbhavna Trust for CSR and Affirmative Action initiatives against the minimum statutory requirement of `478.13 lakhs for the year 2021-22.

Tata Volunteering Week

Tata Volunteering Week (TVW), celebrated in March and September every year, is an event-based format that brings together Tata volunteers worldwide to participate in small acts of volunteering. The volunteering activities are curated by companies and offered to volunteers, who participate in groups. A typical TVW activity lasts half a day and is done on official time.

blood donation

Blood Donation Camp for victims of flyover accident on 04.04.16 in Kolkata

TVW enables a volunteer to participate in volunteering activities organised by other Tata companies, thus immensely broadening the scope of the format. It also allows employees to volunteer along with their family members, thus not taking away precious family time, but providing an opportunity of a shared experience. Tata Volunteering Weeks have gradually extended to become volunteering months as colleagues and Tata companies sought more time to be able to ensure that more volunteers were able to contribute.

Tata Metaliks is an active participant of Tata group's 'Tata Volunteering Week,' an annual event offering company-organized volunteering opportunities to employees.