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Affirmative Action

Tata Metaliks is committed to uplift the Affirmative Action community through focused CSR interventions aimed at building a healthy, educated, employable and economically independent community.

The area around the Company’s operating plant in Kharagpur has57 villages dominated by disadvantaged, vulnerable and marginalised communities with poor socio-economic indicators. Out of these, 36 villages with 54% SC/ST population are located within a radius of 5 KM of the plant. The inhabitants of these villages form the“Core Beneficiaries”of the various CSR & AA interventions planned and executed by the Company. 6 of these 36 villages have been identified as priority areas for the Company’s AA interventions, based on their proximity to the plant and high AA community population.
Affirmative Action Policy

Apex CSR & Affirmative Action Apex Committee:

The Apex CSR & Affirmative Action Committee, chaired by the Managing Director of Tata Metaliks Limited, consists of a number of senior management people. In order to ensure efficient development and implementation of sustainable processes, the Committee has a cross-functional representation, including members from Workers’ Union and employees from the AA community. The Human Resource Management department led by CHRM is mandated by the Apex AA Committee to plan and execute the Company’s AA initiatives.

Tata Metaliks’ has identified 5Es as areas of focus for its AA initiatives –

  • Employment

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Employability

  • Education

  • Essential Amenities

Each of these areas is led by a nominated senior executive with support from employees from various functions which ensures focused implementation of all the initiatives. The respective leaders are empowered to both formulate and implement AA plans based on the approved AA policy.


Tata Metaliks strives to create employment opportunities for the Affirmative Action community. The Company’s Recruitment Policy ensures positive discrimination in favour of the Affirmative Action group without compromising on merit or quality. The contractors and sub-contractors at Tata Metaliks are sensitized on Affirmative Action in monthly meetings and encouraged to hire individuals from the Affirmative Action community.


Tata Metaliks adopts the spirit of positive discrimination towards developing entrepreneurs from the Affirmative Action community in the Company’s value chain, both upstream and downstream. Company’s livelihood programmes and entrepreneurial trainings are designed to encourage people to create a sustainable livelihood for themselves and their families by becoming entrepreneurs. Additionally, Company’s regular contractors who are awarded large orders are encouraged to engage sub-contractors from the Affirmative Action community.

Training Farmers

In addition to vendor development, the Company has also initiated a pilot project wherein a group of farmers is being nurtured and supported technically and financially to take up multi-cropping and cultivation of cash crop (capsicum) to enable them to increase their household income. More projects on promoting agriculture have been planned based on the outcome of this pilot project.


Tata Metaliks strives to develop a pedigree of skilled manpower for the nation through focused interventions for the Affirmative Action community. The objective is to arm them with the requisite skills through special trainings that would increase their employability quotient, both locally as well as nationally, thereby ensuring a sustainable livelihood.


To develop a pedigree of skilled manpower for the nation, there have been a basket of interventions in the area of marketable skills/ training to local youth. Some of these interventions directed towards the educated youth from AA community from the surrounding villages include –

  • Sponsoring a Two Year ITI Course in Fitter & Electrical trades
  • In-plant One Year “On-the- Job” Training to ITI / Diploma / B.Sc. qualified youth
  • Sponsoring Two Year Mid Wifery Nursing Course for matriculate girls
  • Sponsoring “Loader cum Excavator Operator” Training in partnership with Tata-Hitachi
  • Sponsoring “Project SABLA”, a Government project (Rajiv Gandhi Scheme for Empowerment of Adolescent Girls) being CII coordinated program for providing short-term skill training
  • Setting up of Skill Development Centre – The Company is committed towards imparting marketable skills to the local youth of the community to enable them to earn a sustainable livelihood, either through employment or as entrepreneurs.


Tata Metaliks strongly believes that education is the ultimate leveller to change people’s life and hence, education is being given the engagement and importance it deserves. The Company is working towards creating a scalable and replicable model of universalization of school education. Company’s education interventions and approaches that are aimed at creating a pedigree of educated youth in the years to follow include –

  • Scholarship to meritorious students
  • To encourage primary school education by providing stationery items
  • Improve infrastructure of primary schools at Amba, Maheshpur and Kendupal
  • Improve quality of education for high school students through extra coaching class at Gokulpur High School

Essential Amenities

Tata Metaliks aims to create a healthy future for India’s rural communities by providing access to safe, sufficient and affordable water for personal and domestic use along with physical and affordable access to sanitation, in all spheres of life. Company’s focus is on promoting basic health & hygiene practices amongst the Affirmative Action community, enabling them to live a life that is socially acceptable and that ensures privacy and dignity.

Water Projects

Due to the rural background of the community in which we operate, most of the villages lack basic infrastructure amenities such as potable drinking water, roads, drainage system, toilet facilities etc. Several drinking water projects have been implemented on“Community-Corporate”partnership model wherein one-time infrastructure including a deep boring along with a network of water pipeline with overhead tanks is being provided by the Company. After completion, the projects are handed over to respective village committees who then operate and maintain the facility. Every household contributes towards the cost of operating and maintaining the drinking water projects.

Water Projects

Our Water Project in Kharagpur was conferred with the‘Best Practice in Drinking Water Project’award at the Tata group AA workshop.