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7Es of TATA Metaliks CSR initiatives


To ensure consistent growth and development of the Affirmative Action community around its areas of operation, Tata Metaliks adopts the 7E's approach through its Affirmative Action program. The Company carries out AA initiatives in the areas of -

  • Education
  • Essential Enablers
  • Employment
  • Employability
  • Empowerment
  • Environment
  • Entrepreneurship

Each of these areas is led by a nominated senior executive with support from employees from various functions, which ensures focused implementation of all the initiatives. The respective leaders are empowered to formulate and implement AA plans based on the approved AA policy.

Our societal commitment does not rest on impact-based initiatives alone. However, it dovetails the community needs considering environmental aspects with the organizational involvement, adding value to all initiatives.



We aim to improve access to quality education through infrastructure development in Government primary and high schools. We also provide Sadbhavna Scholarship to deserving students from Dalit, tribal and below-poverty-line families in high schools and colleges.

Key initiatives

  • Implementing Phase 1 of 'TML 300 Schools Project' to ensure equitable and quality school education with a special focus on marginalized tribal communities in Kharagpur – 1 block. It is aimed to create a replicable and scalable model by making the entire block a Child Labour Free Zone (CLFZ) by ensuring 100% enrolment in schools of children aged 3-16 years
  • Facilitated youth-led initiatives to improve education for dropouts, health, and nutrition among adolescents and youth
  • Facilitated science, technology, engineering, mathematics, English, and computer learning in high schools
  • Started learning enhancement project for girls with learning difficulties

Essential Enablers

We aim to ensure overall wellbeing by providing basic infrastructure, including safe drinking water, hygiene, sanitation, village roads, and healthcare.

Key initiatives

  • Provided potable drinking water in villages through deep bore wells, overhead water tanks, a network of pipelines, and water taps in convenient locations
  • Constructed toilet blocks and drainage systems
  • Facilitated waste-water management system
  • Introduced solar water pumps in drinking water projects to promote green energy and reduce the financial burden of paying electricity bills
  • Organised health camps for the community, school children, and workers of foundries in Howrah, health and hygiene sessions for truck drivers at Truck Parking
  • Provided ambulance service in Kolkata
  • Bathroom for women


Tata Metaliks strives to create employment opportunities for the Affirmative Action community. The Company's Recruitment Policy ensures positive discrimination in favour of the Affirmative Action group without compromising on merit or quality. The contractors and sub-contractors at Tata Metaliks are sensitized on Affirmative Action in monthly meetings and encouraged to hire individuals from the Affirmative Action community.



We aim to develop a pool of skilled and employable youth.

Key initiatives

  • Imparted skill development training in employable trades at the Tata Metaliks Skill Development Centre (TMSDC) in partnership with Tata Strive
  • Sponsored three-year Diploma Engineering at NTTF – Tata Steel Technical Institute for matriculate/ Intermediate youth
  • Sponsored three-year General Nursery and Midwifery course for intermediate youth


We aim to create avenues for Dalit and tribal communities for their cultural and institutional awakening.

Key initiatives

  • Organized Regional Samvaad (3rd West Bengal Edition) for the tribes of West Bengal; representatives of 12 tribes attended the two-day program. This is aimed to:
    • Empower Dalit and Tribal communities
    • Promote Tribal culture and language
  • Organised 2 virtual MRA-Effective Living and Leadership Training for TMSDC trainees


We regularly plant trees in and around the manufacturing unit to increase the green cover and improve the nutritional intake.

Key initiatives

  • Undertook fruit and timber plantation drive, distributing 13,000 saplings among 1,125 households
  • Undertook waste to wealth initiative among various stakeholders - creating awareness about the reuse and recycling of different households items


We aim to create additional income generation opportunities for marginal and small farmers, including women, through farm/off-farm activities and developing/supporting entrepreneurs from Affirmative Action communities within our value chain.

Key initiatives

  • Implemented Tank based livelihood project on fish rearing, duck rearing, vegetable cultivation, and floriculture
  • Facilitated vegetable cultivation and floriculture, mushroom cultivation, and a system of rice intensification
  • Facilitated capacity building and handholding of Dalit and Tribal entrepreneurs
  • Integrated all women Self Help Groups from adjoining villages in the TML value chain

Sadbhavna Trust

Tata Metaliks has a unique way of allocation of financial resources to support its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Affirmative Action (AA) strategy in a sustained manner through a separate trust called "Sadbhavna Trust" which has representatives from all categories of employees. Apart from the Company, all employees also contribute towards the corpus of this Trust through their salary

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