Brand Promise

Delivering the best - Any time, Every time

The name 'Ductura' is derived from - 'duct' from Ductile Iron and 'tura' from Ventura which means 'happiness and contentment'. The Brand's superior quality products assure not just reliability but also peace of mind for a range of solutions.

From consultation services to providing turnkey solutions, Tata Ductura offers a 360-degree solution to its customers across the world, helping them transform possibilities into business.

Tata Ductura Advantages

  • Diverse applications

    Diverse applications

    • Distribution of potable water
    • Sewage and waste water
    • Irrigation
    • Industrial usage
  • Technologically superior

    Technologically superior

    Tata Metaliks uses state-of-the-art, modern technology to manufacture Ductura products. It understands customers' needs and offers the best solution with the help of its dedicated team.

  • Premium quality and excellent service

    Premium quality and excellent service

    Certified by various national and international bodies, Tata Ductura products come with the guarantee of quality and service. The Brand offers premium quality products and excellent pre and post-sale customer support.

  • Leak proof, easy to install and greater energy savings

    Leak proof, easy to install and greater energy savings

    Ductura DI Pipes are leak-resistant. Installation is easy and does not require special tools or highly skilled workforce. Pipes can be laid in a short time making it cost-effective as well as energy-efficient.

  • Timely delivery

    Timely delivery

    Tata Metaliks ensures timely delivery of its products and is a preferred supplier for all state government and government agencies, big contractors across the Indian market and abroad.