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Mr. Nisith Mondal, Imperial Casting

“Our company was founded in 1972 and we make good quality castings. Before TML, we used to take raw material from Various plants like ISCO, Vizag Steel. But after TML came into existence, we don’t take from anywhere else because for our products, the TML pig composition is extremely suitable. Hence we take 100% material from TML now. The quality of Tata Pigs is consistent and they have a very good production facility. The chemistry mentioned in test certificate and materials are absolutely same.

I used to take FG2 earlier, now for last one year we are taking Low phos. I would request the company to ensure continuous supply of Low phos. as it is suitable for my products and I am extremely satisfied with the quality of TML. Thank you TML”

Mr. Nisith Mondal, Imperial Casting