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How has TATA become a leading pig iron manufacturer and seller in India with an annual hot metal capacity of 600,000 tonnes?

Tata Metaliks Limited (TML) was incorporate in 1990 and started production of pig iron in 1994. It is a subsidiary of Tata Steel Limited. The Company diversified into value-added product, Ductile Iron Pipes through a joint venture with Kubota, Japan in 2007. The Joint Venture Company, Tata Metaliks Kubota Pipes Limited started production in 2009. Tata Metaliks bought over the shares of Kubota in 2013 and the entity was finally merged with the parent in 2016.

We at TATA Metaliks endeavour to always remain ahead of competition with our vision of “Reaching Tomorrow First” by providing best in class goods and services all around the world. We provide a range of branded products, Tata eFee and Tata Ductura that are designed to fit unique customer demands and are setting industry benchmarks via our impeccable service and wide array of products.

TATA Metaliks Plant and location-
Tata Metaliks has a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant located in Kharagpur, West Bengal. This plant manufactures high quality pig iron and ductile iron pipes which meet customers’ end-use requirements. While the pig iron plant and DI Pipe plant No. 1 have equipment from reputed suppliers, the new DI Pipe plant No.2 which was commissioned in 2022 has been built on Industry 4.0 principles with high degree of automation through several robotics operation. The plant and operations are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 450001 and SA 8000 certified and DI pipe has several national and international product certifications.

TATA Metaliks production capacity timeline-
We began manufacturing in 1994, with a capacity of 90,000 tonnes of hot metal per year and the same has grown up to 600,000 tonnes per annum over the years . Since then, our organization has grown its output value with constant technical upgrades. The capacity increased to 140,000 through expansion and modernisation.
Out of this 600,000 tpa hot metal planned for production in 2022, 300,000 tpa will be converted in DI pipe and balance will be cast into pig iron of over 15 standard and customised grades. Di pipe plant capacity will go beyond 400,000 tpa from 2023.

Leading the industry and winning awards go hand in hand this is the reason TATA Metaliks keeps bagging the best awards year after year. During recent years we have won several prominent awards for our contribution to the industry, like the ‘Best case study on LCA for human safety and the best case study on the innovative application of LCA at the 4th CII National LCA (Low-Cost Automation) Circle Competition 2021’, ‘Platinum award in Integrated Report (worldwide) in the “up to $1 billion revenue” category, Special Achievement Award in Financial disclosure, 20th Best Integrated Report (worldwide) for Integrated Report FY20 by League of American Communications Professionals, GreenCo Gold award in 2022 from CII, Climate Action Plan Oriented Award from CII in 2022, Great Place to Work in 2021 to mention a few. We at TATA Metaliks take employee well being as one of our top priorities and for that, we’ve been awarded the ‘Best Governed Company (Listed Segment: Medium Category) by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI)’.

Training and consultancy-
Tata Metaliks has set up a Customer Service Centre that offers a range of end-to-end technical services for the foundries. Focussing on customer centricity, the team of experienced professionals, technicians and engineers offer training and consultancy services in different areas of foundry operation.
Services offered-

  • Charge mix and melting
  • Moulding and core making
  • SG Iron production & development
  • Methoding of casting
  • Project-based consultancy
  • Pollution control
  • Customized training
  • Testing facility

The Company also offers a range of Technical Services in the area of DI pipes.

As a global player, TML understands the needs of consumers all over the globe and aims to provide world-class products and services. Over the years, Tata Metaliks has earned the trust of its customers by adhering to stringent quality and compliance criteria. Tata Metaliks’ products and processes are certified by industry-recognized organisations as part of our commitment to provide the best to our customers and exceed expectations.

By combining efficiency with customer-centricity, Tata Metaliks has retained its position of being the brand of choice. Fostering a customer-centric culture across all its operations, the Company provides an end-to-end service bouquet for customers of pig iron and DI pipes.