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Integrity in safety means ensuring we “do the right thing” every day, preventing injury, and providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees, contractors, and visitors. Safety Policy directly reflects that value and Tata Metaliks’ commitment to a safe workplace. The execution of our Safety Policy consists of Six Elements:

Striving for health and safety excellence

Our commitment to providing a safe workplace for our personnel and society at large drives TML’s safety and health responsibilities. We strive to attain our goal of ‘Zero harm’ by utilizing a strong management system framework and a solid safety governance structure

We deploy our strategy through 6 strategic safety priorities, which act as the focal points behind several initiatives in our Safety Excellence Journey-

  • Build Safety Leadership Capability
  • Improve Competency & Capability for Hazard Identification & Risk Management
  • Excellence in Process Safety Management
  • Contractor Safety Risk Management
  • Change in Behaviour and Attitude towards Safety
  • Improve Health & Industrial Hygiene

Build safety leadership capability

Tata Metaliks has successfully entrenched safety as a value that permeates all choices. The Senior Leadership team continues to strive for improvement in various areas, including Contract Labour, with the engagement of shop floor employees to identify and address possible hazards and risks throughout the organization. Several pieces of training and workshops are held regularly to help the organization build a risk-based approach; some of them are listed below:

  • Re-calibrated HIRA Workshop
  • Management of Change (MOC)
  • E-Learning module on Safety standards
  • “Adhinayak” Programme for Safety leadership development for workers
  • Skill-based training in areas including LPG operation and lifting tools and tackles
  • Driver Assessment Programme.

Improve competency and capability for Hazard Identification and Risk Management (HIRA)TML believes that everyone should be safeguarded against occupational hazards to which they may be exposed. As a result, we use a safety risk management process that includes risk analysis, risk assessment, and risk control procedures. Our risk management process covers all processes in addition to the legal context and control mechanisms. A thorough risk evaluation of many processes aided in creating a safety risk heat map, which aids in establishing priority in specific areas with dedicated action plans. The following were significant developments during the year:

    • Assessment of annual shutdown risk
    • Implementation of Risk Heat Map process
    • Implementation of 17 road safety recommendations inside the plant
    • Improved operational excellence through TPM, digital interventions, and automation

Excellence in process safety management

The Company recognizes that robustly applied Process Safety and Risk Management (PSRM) will lower the chance of any catastrophic incident. As a result, a solid foundation in PSRM is developed throughout the organization in the quest to make process safety “a way of life.” We began developing PSRM capabilities across the organization through training, coaching, and mentoring to raise awareness and consciousness. Several employees were trained over the year in conjunction with Tata Steel and now become PSRM torchbearers at TML.

Contractor Safety Management System

Our operations, maintenance, and project activities depend primarily on contract workers. We have put in place a Contractor Safety Management System (CSMS). Our service providers must complete a Contractor Competency Assessment (star rating system on a scale of 5) as part of this procedure. Following our dedication to safety, we only use vendors with ratings of three stars or above on high-risk tasks. JN Tata Vocational Training Institute (JNTVI) workshops and incentive plans encourage 3-star-rated vendors to upgrade. We also help 2-star vendors get upgraded to 4- and 5-star status. This framework has assisted us in spreading our emphasis on safety throughout our value chain.

Behavioral change

Our journey toward safety excellence has progressed from a classic ‘compliance-driven’ framework to a modern ‘behavior-centric’ safety culture. All meetings in our mission to create a safety culture begin with a mandatory Safety Talk. To maintain our ongoing focus on safety awareness, we not only sensitize our workforce through the distribution of learning films and video clips of safety accidents, but we also conduct training through live examples at our Safety Park. Furthermore, safety reward and recognition schemes and the Consequence Management framework help promote and sustain appropriate safety behavior throughout Tata Metaliks.