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We at TATA Metaliks believe, developing people to be truly capable of leading change unearths both hidden individual talent and organizational potential, together resulting in a more innovative and adaptive culture.

Vendor Selection Criteria

As a part vendor selection process, the following criteria are considered:

  1. Vendor registration through the capability evaluation process
  2. Technical / Commercial evaluation through vendor visits /discussions/reference as appropriate
  3. Formal due diligence of vendors through external expert agencies for long-term and high-value contracts
  4. Capability conformation through trial order, if required or through market information
  5. Vendor selection through 6 steps vendor selection process or vendor star rating process as appropriate for service providers
  6. Meeting the requirements of SA 8000 /Green Supply Chain/ DuPont safety management system.

Tata Metaliks follows three major processes for two-way communications with suppliers, i.e

  • 1) Vendor visits
  • 2) Vendor satisfaction survey
  • 3) Annual partner's meet

Regular vendor visits are conducted as per the annual calendar apart from the communications through online platforms.

Objectives of the Vendor visits

A business strategy, technological development of products and processes, understanding of business practices, conformation to Green Supply Chain, QMS, SA 8000, and Safety requirements, and resolving issues with Tata Metaliks.

Vendor Evaluation/ Assessment

Vendor performance is evaluated based on timely delivery, quality compliance, and price. Service Provider’s job and safety performance are assessed through safety star rating assessment process.

A transparent procure-to-pay process has been developed by extensive use of the E-Procurement platform and Electronic approval process (Electronic Sanction Request - ESR).

To bring more visibility and efficiency to our supplier management system and to make it more interactive for vendors, a new digital platform is under development where overall processes of procurement will be integrated.

Reverse Auction

Reverse Auction is used to discover the right price for the right quality of products and services.

Responsible Procurement Standards

Health and safety

A healthy and safe working environment must be provided for all employees under national standards and laws.

Human rights

Respect for human rights in dealing with supplier stakeholders. Vendors should support the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Environmental impacts

Vendors are expected to promote environmentally-friendly policies and reduce environmental risks and impact.

Local Community Development

Our Pig Iron and DI Pipe suppliers in India are expected to contribute to the social, economic, and institutional development of the communities in which they operate.

Fair business practices

Tata Metaliks does not permit or engage in unethical practices in any aspect of our business. As per our principles, we do not engage in business with anyone who does not comply with our standards of ethical behavior.

Affirmative Action Policy

In compliance with our Affirmative Action Policy, we encourage business owners from underprivileged areas to join our supply chain on an equal footing. We have used our expansion initiatives to diversify our workforce in ways that benefit local, marginalized communities and women. In addition, we select Strategic Sourcing partners who support our Affirmative Action Policy.

SA 8000

Tata Metaliks provides regular training to contract staff and vendors on

to comply with the rules of the company.