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Welcome to TATA Metaliks




Tata Metaliks HR model is created to withstand the test of time and differentiate us from our competition. Over the years, we've built a foundation that serves our employees, PI and DI pipe suppliers, surrounding communities, and shareholders well, no matter how our environment evolves. The framework guides us as we live out Tata's purpose of caring, growing, and winning together.


Fostering a culture of safety, diversity, and performance

We believe in developing and nurturing a performance-driven and engaged workforce with a digital mindset, which has become imperative for businesses to deal with evolving organizational challenges.

We remain devoted to developing and sustaining a skilled workforce capable of meeting the diverse needs of our stakeholders to attain our objective of being the 'employer of choice.' We further provide an enabling work environment that promotes equality and diversity.

Organizational culture

Our HR strategy is focused on four key priorities

Organizational engagement
Talent management
Capability Development
Productivity improvement

Talent Management

Attracting and nurturing talent is a key to the success of any organization. At Tata Metaliks, we focus on hiring young talent to nurture and develop them in our value system. We hire talent from different geographies, cultures, and industries to build a culture that promotes meritocracy. We leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to screen and select suitable talent, a part of our virtual campus engagement campaign that helps us reach out to retain students from reputed graduate and management colleges. An engaging and gamified onboarding process provides a unique joining experience for all recruits.


Talent management framework

We have established an integrated talent management framework to identify and develop high-potential employees to grow with the organization. These 'Hi-potential' employees go through an 'Assessment and Development Centre,' which leverages individuals' strengths and prepares them to take on higher roles and responsibilities. There is also a particular focus on the development of target employee segments. Specific interventions like check-in conversations, continuous feedback, coaching, management/ leadership development programs, reverse mentoring and coaching programs, and action learning projects prepare and groom them for leadership roles. We are working to strengthen and fast-track career progression and job rotation policies to accelerate employee development and growth.

Diversity at the core

As an equal opportunity employer, we continue to provide growth opportunities irrespective of race, gender, caste, creed, religion, and other discriminatory factors. Special efforts are also made to attract employees under our Affirmative Action program.

Diversity at the core
Learning and development in the digital future

Learning and development in the digital future

At Tata Metaliks, learning and development remain prioritized to ensure high employee performance with targeted interventions through effective and customized learning groups. We deploy the 70:20:10 model for training and development where 70% focus is on job learning, 20% on coaching and mentoring, and 10% on classroom learning.

Learning through the classroom and on-the-job are also driven through TPM on the shop floor. Digital remains the focal point in our learning and development journey. We utilize the eLearning landscape extensively to train employees on technical, managerial, digital modules, and online resources about Knowledge Management for an interactive learning experience. Additionally, we provide various modules by industry leaders through Tata Management Training Centre (TMTC) and other avenues so that employees can access them anytime, anywhere, aligned to our digital strategy of 'Business on Mobile.' To enhance employee experience and promote team building, recruits are sent to Tata Steel Adventure Foundation for a unique trekking experience coupled with the development of leadership acumen.

Digital Culture and Capability

As we progress to embrace Digital across all verticals, it is imperative to build digital capability across all employee segments. We have partnered with experts to build our digital culture and capability. Dedicated interventions such as Reverse Mentoring, Digital Champions, Digital Boot Camps, Digi Talks, Digital Khabar, Ideation platform, Knowledge Management portal, participation in Tata Innovista, Digital Kaizen, and Digital mindset activation workshops help harness growth through digital competency of various employee segments. Augmented Reality (AR)/ Virtual Reality (VR) training has commenced in safety and other areas and shop floor training. Technical competencies are being enhanced through tie-ups with academic institutions, subject matter experts, industry visits, and more. Detailed learning and benchmarking sessions also help improve an organization's overall competency in operations, technology, and automation, to name a few.


Engagement and Well-being

In line with our culture and values, we pay special attention to the well-being of our employees and regularly refresh various employee-friendly policies. Some of these policies include the availability of health and wellness apps, family benefit schemes, leave bank policies, enhanced medical coverage for acute diseases, 'Corona Kavach policies, and others. Our Rewards & Recognition app helps employees receive instant motivation and encouragement.

Employee engagement/support during Covid-19

During the pandemic, our focus on engagement shifted towards employee safety due to the unprecedented workplace transformation. Engagement initiatives, including interactive sessions, walkathons, and virtual Tata Metaliks Premier League in the form of games, helped keep up morale among employees in the new normal. Various webinars were also conducted on health, mental well-being, spiritual sessions, and story-telling sessions to build the inner resilience of our employees. We host talks by well-known speakers. Our senior leaders remained in close touch with employees through virtual dialogues, town halls, COVID feedback, COVID support group, and other formal and informal channels of listening, care, and nurturing.

Quintessentially, engagement with the community and their well-being was provided by our employees through relief work, campaigns, and other support was provided by our employees through focused interventions in the Paschim Medinipur region.

In addition to the relentless support extended to employees for testing and vaccination, the 24x7 well-being app supported medical consultations, including guidance on home quarantine. We also partnered with several medical institutions to ease hospitalization concerns.

Industrial relations remained cordial throughout the year despite the adverse and challenging business environment during the pandemic and resultant lockdown. The enthusiasm and resilience of the workforce and Unions have enabled TML to navigate the uncertainties and improve overall productivity.