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Company Profile

A subsidiary of Tata Steel, Tata Metaliks Limited, has its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant at Kharagpur, West Bengal, India. Tata Metaliks has two major product offerings – Pig Iron (PI) and Ductile Iron Pipe (DIP).

Tata Metaliks incorporated

Tata Metaliks incorporated

Tata Metaliks incorporated

Annual hot metal production capacity

600,000 tonnes
Tata Metaliks incorporated

Annual DI Pipes production capacity

300000 tonnes*
Tata Metaliks incorporated

Turnover in 2022-23

Rs. 3,260 Crores

*as on FY-23

Pig Iron is used as a raw material for manufacturing various kinds of castings by foundries, while ductile iron pipes are used to convey potable water supply and sewage. Tata Metaliks' pig iron, known as "Tata eFee," and ductile iron pipes, sold under the brand "Tata Ductura," are known for their superior quality standards amongst the customers in the industry.


The Company has been fulfilling its vision of "Reaching Tomorrow First" by offering innovative products to its customers worldwide. Setting industry benchmarks through quality products and service offerings, Tata Metaliks has a range of branded products customized to meet specific user needs under its umbrella.

Combining customer-centricity with technical efficiency, Tata Metaliks has retained its position as the supplier of choice and became one of the leading ductile iron pipe/pig iron manufacturers & suppliers in India. Fostering a customer-centric culture across all its operations, the Company provides an end-to-end service bouquet for pig iron and ductile iron pipes customers.

Tata Metaliks considers its interest to be inseparable from that of the community's requirements. The Company continually involves itself in activities that benefit the inhabitants of the areas around its operations and improve their quality of life.

Tata Metaliks is an equal opportunity, merit-oriented, gender-neutral employer. We offer equal opportunities to all our employees and all qualified applicants irrespective of their race, caste, religion, language, gender, age, marital status, nationality, or disability.