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Case Study



Execution of Mega PWS to Lepripara, Tangarpali, Sundergarh, Bargaon, Subdega, Balisankara block in Sundergarh District including five years Operation & Maintenance”.

Water Source—35KM from the Village to be covered under this Project (Hirakud reservoir at Dangaghat, Bikampali ,District: Jharsuguda).

Pipe Policy as per Tender Doc-

Choice of Pipe Category:

➢ Raw water transmission pipe line shall be of Ductile Iron conforming to IS 8329:2000.

➢ Clear Water Transmission pipeline from WTP to Zonal reservoir or intermediate pressure boosting station all from boosting station to zonal reservoir shall be DI pipe confirming to IS 8329 :2000.

➢ The choice of category DI pipes (K9/K7) shall be based on pressure rating. Surge analysis shall be carried out and taken into consideration to arrive at 144 pipe wall thickness/class of DI pipe.

➢ Distribution pipelines having 160mm DN and below (i.e. Pipelines from the zonal reservoirs to villages) shall be made of HDPE/PE pipe confirming to IS 4984:2016 and pipes having diameter above 160mm shall be of DI, confirming to IS 8329:2016.

Scope of Work:-

It is intend of the Engineer-In-Charge to construct a facility to provide basic need of human being “water”, using highest standards of construction and supply of materials & equipment to enable a sustain reliable system for performance over next 30 years. The responsibility of the contract starts from the source sustainability and ends at the consumer point, i.e., house service connection to each household premises with geo tagging

  • Inadequate sanitation is the problem of millions Several villages in the country do not have piped water supply infrastructure.
  • In order to address this, TML is supplying world class DI Pipe in Mega Piped Water Supply Project at Lephripara, Tangarpali, Sundergarh, Bargaon, Subdega and Balisankara block, as local water source is not available.
  • The long distance water supply project will be supplying water to the all the villages of the above mentioned blocks, by sourcing water from Hirakud reservoir at Dangaghat, Bikampali ,District: Jharsuguda which is 35 km away from the Project location.
  • Access to piped water is crucial for ensuring equitable, sustainable and productive development At Tata Metaliks, we are contributing towards the same one step at a time.