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Case Study



Kitchen Garden

Name: Ganga Dolai, Village – Jhatibandh
In 2019, Ganga was supported with saplings of mango, guava and lemon which have started giving fruits. In 2021, she was supported with vegetable seeds which she has sown in the kitchen garden space. Ganga is getting regular supply of fruits & vegetables for consumption at her home.

Mixed Plantation and vegetable farming

Sk. Ketabuddin, a farmer from Uttar Narayanpur village received 10 forest plants from Tata Metaliks Ltd. in 2019 under its CSR initiative. He took good care of the plants and the plants are growing well. In 2021, he received 300 more forest plants which he has planted in 2 Bigha land. He has also planted fruit plants and vegetables by his own on the bunds of his pond.
Mr. Ketabuddin is doing intercropping in the land used for planting the plants provided by TML CSR. In the spaces between the forest plants, he has planted 200 Elephant foot yam. With this intervention, projected benefits are as follows,

  • Earning from selling the vegetables and elephant foot yam in the short term
  • Preventing the soil erosion
  • Creating future asset in terms of timber
  • Contribution towards increasing the green cover and checking the air pollution

Prior to planting the yam, Sk. Ketabuddin harvested 7 quintals Taro root (Arbi) from the same patch of land that fetched him Rs. 14,000. He is expecting to earn approx. 32,000/- from selling the yam when its ready to harvest in 6 -8 months.