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Case Study



Ashok Mudi: – Ashok a youth boy from Mudipara village, first attended the Effective Living and Leadership Program at Jamshedpur, and then Advanced Effective Living and Leadership Program at Panchgani. Ashok says “my life has undergone a complete change after I attended the sessions”. He realized that he was on the wrong path. Earlier, he used to be an addict and he used to loiter around with the village youth. All aimless, and into all sorts of addiction. Ashok had a lot of family problems and he says that there was nobody to guide and counsel me. He says that an internal change took place within him after he attended the camps and he genuinely wants other people to change. He took to counselling two village youths who were severely addicted to alcohol. Ashok says that we have the power to change things around us, if only we believe in ourselves and bring in the collective effort. He now works in TML has a contract worker and leads a happy life.

Himanshu Munda is the spokesperson of Bharat Munda Samaj, West Bengal. He got associated with Tata Metaliks through Regional Samvaad in 2019. He says that Tata Metaliks Limited has provided a platform for the tribals of West Bengal to connect with each other. I have been participating in Regional Samvaad since it started in 2019. Through this platform I met other tribal groups of the state. Had the opportunity to learn from the struggle and achievement of other tribes in the areas of tribal language and culture. This is a platform that unites the tribes of West Bengal for greater purpose of tribal development. Through this platform, I got the opportunity to participate in the Tribal Leadership program of Tata Steel.

Achintya Ari is in his early fifties and lives in Samraipur village with his family. He works as a security guard in ATMs for the survival of his family. He belongs to Lodha Tribe which was once notified as a criminal tribe. His village is predominantly a Tribal village with over 80% population belonging to Lodha Tribe itself. His village was in a deteriorated condition with poor facilities. He attended Effective Living and Leadership program organized by Tata Metaliks in Kharagpur and advanced leadership program in Panchgani. He also attended Regional Samvaad and Samvaad organized by Tata Steel and Tata Metaliks and got to know about the improvements other tribes have attained in their socio-cultural spheres. With these trainings he got to know about the inner potential a person has to bring change in himself/ herself and in the world. Inspired by the learning he united the likeminded people in the village and initiated the development activities in the village. In his leadership, Samraipur is a completely changed. With the support from Tata Metaliks, his village has Drinking water and Sanitation facilities, drainage channels, concrete pathways, and ponds. Once ignored, Samraipur village is now a model village in the Panchayat.
Achintya Says “I personally gained a lot of learning after getting associated with Tata Metaliks. I had the opportunity to represent West Bengal in Samvaad and Regional Samvaad. I also attended Effective Living and Leadership Program at Panchgani, a place where I never imagined visiting. I am truly thankful to the company”.