Diversity & Inclusion

We are an equal opportunity, merit-oriented, gender-neutral employer.

Tata Metaliks offers equal opportunities to all its employees and all qualified applicants irrespective of their race, caste, religion, language, gender, age, marital status, nationality or disability. Remuneration and career progression are based entirely on responsibility and performance as the organisation fosters a diverse workforce comprising deserving candidates.

Unwavering on the principles of diversity and inclusion, the company ensures positive discrimination in favour of local and marginalised communities and women. Also, a conscious effort is made to ensure gender equality and affirmative action profile.

HR Vision

Our HR vision endeavours for a workforce which is competent, engaged and socially sensitive.

HR Policies

In order to achieve this vision, the company pursues HR policies that are aligned to Tata values. The unique attributes of the Company's HRM policy are climate of openness, equity, fairness and respect for the individual, freedom to experiment, mutual trust, and teamwork.

  • We create an inspired workplace guided by high ethical and human values with a passion for innovation, creativity and seamless teamwork. It will be a preferred destination for energetic people with strong desire to excel.
  • We shall create opportunities for developing human skills through extensive use of knowledge management tools bringing tacit know-how to explicit know-how.
  • Our selection, reward and recognition policies are based on the philosophy of positive discrimination conducted with fairness.
  • We shall remain an equal opportunity employer, consciously develop and respect diversity in our workforce.
  • We will treat our stakeholders - shareholders, customers, suppliers, community and our own fellow employees, with respect.