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Welcome to TATA Metaliks

Values & Ethics

Guided by the values of integrity, understanding, excellence, unity and responsibility of the Tata Steel Group, Tata Metaliks’ principles are founded on ethical and transparent approaches. The Company takes pride in carrying forward the rich legacy of the Founder J.N. Tata in its operations.

Vigil MechanismThe Company has adopted Vigil Mechanism policy that provides a formal mechanism for all Directors, Employees and Vendors of the Company to approach the Ethics Counsellor/Chairman of the Audit Committee and make protective disclosures about the unethical behaviour, actual or suspected fraud or violation of the Tata Code of Conduct (“TCoC”).

The Vigil Mechanism comprises Whistle Blower Policy for directors, employees and vendors.

Ethics MonthThe Company, in its endeavour to instill and reiterate the Tata Values among all its stakeholders, celebrates the month of July as the ‘Ethics Month’. In commemoration of JRD Tata who was the icon of ethical business practices in the country. During this period, employees across the Tata Steel Group engage in the promotion and implementation of the TCoC. A series of programmes and activities are organised to focus attention on ethics amongst employees and partners.