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Welcome to TATA Metaliks

Our Focus Areas

1.Reverse Mentoring –

The objective of reverse mentoring is to ensure that they have the proper knowledge and to put it in the TML context going further. At TATA Metaliks, people can come forth and share their interests with their respective HODs to be a mentor and enhance their knowledge in digital areas.

2. Digital Champions–

Digital Champions are vital in driving TMLs digital initiatives and projects and ensuring the proper outcomes. To digitally empower our DCs, we have exclusively partnered with Deloitte. To support and encourage our champions to do better, we now have Digital Champions for every function that change agents support.

3. Management Training

4. Graduate Training

5. Outbound Leadership Development Program in association with – TSAF

Tata Steel Adventure Foundation, founded by legendary mountaineer Ms. Bachendri Pal, is an outbound leadership institute. TSAF offers a wide range of activities to develop people from all walks of life and ages into leaders for the future through identifying their limits of mental and physical endurance.