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Benefits at TATA Metaliks

Benefits & Policies


Workplace services, benefits, and policies are designed to address the needs of employees in various segments and locations. In addition to statutory welfare amenities and benefits, TATA Metaliks has policies to cater to the needs of different parts of employees, which are periodically evaluated and improved.

The themes of policies that cut across segments of the workforce are policies in
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Career Development
  • Employee health
  • Wellness and family support schemes
  • Visit App
  • Health Camps
  • Financial Advisory consultants for employees
  • Meal Card
  • Pay benefits
  • Work-life balance
  • Enhancing connection with employees
Women-friendly Policies

Providing a safe, happy & conducive work environment for our female employees has always been a priority for the company in the following ways:

As part of the organization's mission to empower women from surrounding communities, it seeks to foster the inclusion of women from all sections of society. It focuses on the D&T community. Positive discrimination involves more scope for women to be included in technical and non-technical roles through relaxation of age, marks, and eligibility criteria. Thus, providing women an equal opportunity without compromising on merit. Focussed Group Discussions and counseling sessions are conducted to address various issues and look at women's mental health and well-being.

The company specializes in diversity and inclusion with an emphasis on gender. To drive diversity in a structured way and include more women in the workforce, a diversity officer has been appointed. The DO focuses on sensitization campaigns, creating roles for women in core areas, improving intake from campus, incentivizing recruitment vendors for referring and hiring women, etc.

The Management has always been keen and proactive in keeping our women workforce happy and engaged. The Senior Leadership communicates and regularly connects with female employees to understand needs and challenges and designs ways to address concerns, if any, effectively. The ladies are given ample scope to express their views and share ideas and suggestions.

An additional 15 days of privilege leave is given to female employees to take care of their children and their personal requirements.

TATA METALIKS also complies with statutory regulations for women- Crèche and Maternity Benefit Act. Crèche facilities are available to those who would like to avail the same so that children have their mothers close to them even at work. Children from 6 months to 6 years of age can avail the benefits of the crèche.

TATA METALIKS ensures that every female employee in the organization, in all categories and levels, i.e., officers, supervisors, workers, on the role, contract, and temporary staff, are aware of the channels available to them for any untoward incident or unwelcome behavior. The ICC organizes regular awareness/training sessions to create awareness among all ladies on the avenues open for redressal of POSH-related issues.

Women's Day each year for us is a chance to celebrate our ladies across all levels. It is a day to appreciate their valued presence. Therefore, the company shows gratitude to all women employees by making the day extra special and memorable for them.

In case of an emergency or work beyond business hours, we are always available for women within the organization. As a priority, this is crucial, especially for their safety and security in the present times.

For the recreation of the ladies, a Ladies Club has been formed for the ladies. Our ladies can come together at this club, meet, relax, socialize, and rejuvenate.

All essential basic amenities and well-equipped medical facilities are provided at all locations. The Management took a novel initiative by appointing a task force to look into the welfare gaps among women. Management identified the need for more restrooms and had the restrooms installed proactively. The female employees are given additional leave to take care of their special needs.