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Equity and Inclusion:

Diversity & Inclusion


At TATA Metaliks, we go to great lengths to hire great people because we know the importance of creating a place where everyone feels like they belong. We find people who add to our culture, not just fit in. We look for people with diverse backgrounds, unique experiences, and new perspectives that will move us forward.

Unwavering on the principles of diversity and inclusion, we ensure positive discrimination in favour of local and marginalised communities and women. Also, a conscious effort is made to ensure gender equality and affirmative action profile.

In keeping with the mindset and culture to nurture a sense of acceptance and empathy for those who need assistance regardless of race, gender, special needs or individual needs, TATA METALIKS has made it an integral part of its ongoing HR processes and journey. As a company, we believe in equal access and opportunity and is committed to eliminating any forms of bias and discrimination. Special interventions and policies to address diversity in various forms have been incorporated.

As a trigger to create excitement, we also invited the Six Pack Band, India’s first transgender band, who participated in Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and is Asia’s first music band to accomplish this feat.

By focusing on CSR interventions focused on creating a healthy, educated, employable, and economically independent workforce as well as by providing HR interventions for employees, TATA METALIKS is committed to uplifting the AA community. The area around the Company’s operating plant in Kharagpur has 57 villages dominated by disadvantaged, vulnerable and marginalized communities with poor socio-economic indicators. Out of these, 36 villages with 54% SC/ST population are located within a radius of 5 KM of the plant. The inhabitants of these villages form the Core Beneficiaries” of the various CSR & AA interventions planned and executed by the Company. 6 of these 36 villages have been identified as priority areas for the Company’s AA interventions, based on their proximity to the plant and high AA community population.

The Apex CSR & Affirmative Action Committee, chaired by the Managing Director of Tata Metaliks Limited, consists of several senior management people. To ensure efficient development and implementation of sustainable processes, the Committee has a cross-functional representation, including members from the Workers’ Union and employees from the AA community. The Apex AA Committee mandates the Human Resource Management department led by VP-HRM to plan and execute the Company’s AA initiatives. Providing employee counseling, working with contractors to have about 50% of their employees on their rolls, and reviewing their performance is an ongoing effort. Nudging and appreciating have helped the Contractors bring many from the AA community into their fold.