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A. Dissemination of Information
1. Annual Report
a. Timely receipt as per Law
b. Contents of the Report
c. Quality of the Report
2. Newspaper Advertisement
3. Stock Exchange
B. Services rendered by our RTA
1. RTA services with regard to
a. Share Transfer & Demat of Shares
b. Issue of duplicate certificates
c. Issue of duplicate dividend warrants / Revalidation of warrants
d. Recording of change of address / mandates
e. Response to queries / complaints
C. Direct services provided by Tata Metaliks
1. Response to queries / grievances
2. Website of the Company
a. Contents
b. Overall Quality
3. Corporate Governance
4. Overall impression about the Company


1. How do you normally get news about the company ?
a. Annual Report
b. Half Yearly Result
c. Company Website
d. Newspapers
e. Other sources

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3. Will the information from the Company regarding its performance help your investment making decision?

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