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Governance Philosophy

The Tata Values

“We have come to recognize that no wealth or power can be more valuable than one’s dignity; no loss of profit can be more critical than loss of credibility; no skill or qualification can substitute the integrity of our character.” 

-  J.R.D Tata

Upholding Tata Values

“We do not claim to be more unselfish, more generous or more philanthropic than other people. But we think we started on sound and straightforward business principles, considering the interest of the shareholders as our own and the health and welfare of the employees the same foundation of our profitability.”

Jamsetji Tata

“The most significant contribution an organized industry can make is by identifying itself with the life and problems of the community to which it belongs, and by applying its resources, skills and talents, to the extent that it can reasonably spare, to serve and help them.” 

-  J.R.D Tata

“The values and principles that have governed the manner in which the Tata Group of Companies and their employees have conducted themselves, have never been articulated. It was, therefore, considered worthwhile to prepare a clearly defined document that could serve as a guide to each employee on the values, ethics and business principles expected of him or her.”

– Ratan Tata

Corporate Governance is about maximizing shareholder value legally, ethically and on a sustainable basis, while ensuring fairness to every stakeholder - our customers, employees, investors, vendor-partners, the governments of the countries in which we operate, and the community. Thus, Corporate Governance is a reflection of our culture, policies, our relationship with stakeholders and our commitment to values. We believe that sound Corporate Governance is critical to enhance and retain investor trust. Accordingly, we always seek to ensure that we attain our performance rules with integrity.

Company believes that good corporate practices enable the Board to direct and control the affairs of a company in an efficient manner and to achieve its ultimate goal of maximising shareholders value. Realising this, the Company has adopted many practices over the last few years, even when there were no mandatory requirements in this regard. As a result, a number of provisions regarding Corporate Governance prescribed by the Listing Agreement have already been complied with and steps are being taken to comply with the balance provision within the current financial year.

Based on the above guiding Governance Philosophy, Company sets itself the objective of expanding its capacities and becoming competitive in its business, while being socially responsive and responsible. As a part of its future growth strategy, the Company believes in adopting the “Best Practices” vis-à-vis “Robust Processes” that are followed in various geographies, in the area of Corporate Governance. The Company and its senior management team emphasize the need for full transparency and accountability in all its business dealing, in order to protect the interests of its shareholders.

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